Leg Tanner
The Leg Tanner was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the color of their mid section and face.

Tanning beds concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the middle of the tanning area.

Because of this, it is nearly impossible for customers' legs to "catch up" with the tan on their more easily tanned faces and mid section. Additionally, much of the pigment that makes up a skin tan is lost after shaving.

The Leg Tanner is your solution to solve these problems

Leg Tanner Features of the Leg Tanner

Comfortable contoured acrylics

Powerful tanning action, max session is 12 minutes

360◦ Tanning around entire legs

38 lamps

Classic Legs Leg Tanner 12min Max Bed
Session Packages
        Price Per Sesssion
 1 Session    12.00 12.00
 6 Sessions    65.00 10.84
10 Sessions   100.00 10.00
16 Sessions   130.00  8.13
21 Sessions   165.00  7.86
Please add 10% tax to your package
The tax is a Federal Excise Tax

Sessions Expire In 1 Year