Tanning Facts and Myths

Why Indoor Tanning

While Overexposure to the sun and burning are bad for you, medical studies also demonstrate that exposure to sunlight is crucial for the maintenance of good physical health.

Did You Know?

Sunlight is the only reliable source of vitamin D.

Exposure to sunlight increases the body’s ability to metabolize cholesterol, leading to a thirteen percent (13%) decrease in blood levels.  Exposure top UV light may have similar effects as exercise; decrease blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and a thirty-nine percent (39%) increase in blood production output.

Studies show people with the lowest risk of skin cancer are those whose main occupation is outdoors.  Sunlight affects over one hundred (100) vital biological functions.  Colon and breast cancer deaths are (3) three times higher in northern states compared to sunny southern states. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
, with symptoms such as sadness, insomnia and carbohydrate cravings, is common where exposure to sunlight is decrease in winter. When the chest and back are expose to sunlight, the male sex hormones may increase by 120%.  Eighty percent (80%) of people suffering from psoriasis show improvement when exposed to sunlight.  Significant seasonal bone loss occurs in people in areas with reduced winter sunlight leading to osteoporosis.